About Vampires

The folklore of real life vampires has only a slight connection with the fiction, much the way the folklore of ghosts has little to do with the movie Ghostbusters. To begin with, the standard way to become a vampire is to become bitten by one. This is only one of many ways in traditional lore, and far from the most effective. The range of potential ways to become a vampire is extensive enough that nearly any corpse was suspect. In many areas of the world the bodies of the dead were automatically dug up after a year or so, checked to make sure they had decayed properly, and then buried in a permanent grave. Most people aren't aware that, throughout European history, there have been extensive and detailed accounts of bodies in graveyards being dug up, declared to be vampires, and killed. This beggs the question, are vampires real? In folklore vampires drank blood of the victims normally by biting the chest of their victims, some strangled or smothered them, while some simply spread illness and death by their presence alone. Some folk traditions hold that vampires physically leave their graves and stalk through the night similar to Hollywood movies, but this is not the most common one. Most lore suggests that what leaves the grave is not the body but a less solid, cloudy, and blurry in shape similar to a spirit. Some folklore has it that the vampire is at first soft and shapeless. The longer it lives and feeds it becomes more solid and grows bones thus making them more dangerous and harder to kill.

It is also interesting that despite all the differences in the vampire lore there are a few traits that is almost universal. Vampires can't endure sunlight and can not cross running water.

In order to learn more about vampires you must know about etheric body. Ancient Egypt was more obsessed with obtaining immortality than any other society in history. They did this by keeping the ka alive after the physical body passed. Once the physical body dies the ka fades away into the afterlife unless kept alive by preserving the physical body, and regenerating the ka. Ka is what what we call today our etheric body or life energy. Ancient Egypt has what was called a Ka Priest who would perform sacrifices every night to keep the ka spirits 'vampires' at bay. If the sacrifice was not sufficient the vampires would seek fresh ka else where causing serious consequences.

Interesting Vampire Facts

  • Vampires were once wrote about by the scholars of the time, and were considered fact.
  • Vampire sightings in North America are low due to common practices of embalming and cremation.
  • Most vampire folklore suggests vampires are etheric spirits instead of walking dead.
  • Just about any corps is subject to become a vampire
  • Vampire attacks are eerily similar to the "Old Hag" syndrome.

Common Vampire Questions

Q. What are Living "Psychic Vampires"?
A. Some people claim to be able to steel other peoples life energy, but it is a great deal less than a true vampire. Nearly ALL "Psychic Vampires" are not even aware of what they are doing, but take life energy from survival instincts. This is most common in the elderly and people of ill-health. You normally have to come within a few feet for them to draw your energy and it is normally not a significant amount. These type of patients are normally well know at the nursing home and hospital staff who will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid going in that room.

Q. I have been to some "Real Vampires" websites. What is that all about?
A. This is where people give vampires human like characteristics. Anything from not sleeping at night to having a slight sensitivity to the sun could be a sign you are a "Real Vampire". Some people have unknown medical conditions which do not allow them to tolerate the sun, but this has nothing to do with being born a vampire. I would imagine you would seriously insult someone with that disease by calling them a vampire.

Q. Are vampires demons or evil?
A. Vampires were once human so they are not evil in the demon since of the word. Since Vampires must steel our blood, or energy in order to live, so to us they could be coined as evil.